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Parent, community and pupil voice

We value the views of our children, parents, community and staff and seek to try and gather these through a variety of different ways.


This is just a small selection of the most recent views about our school:


Café Learning, June 2019

The children said that Cooperative Learning is all about:

  • It is working together as a team 
  • We sit in teams of 4 – (with shoulder and face partners) it’s like a small community of learners
  • We all join in during lessons - listening and sharing ideas 
  • We use different structures to talk & listen

And why Stilton should be using Cooperative Learning:

  • it helps us to learn
  • it helps build relationships
  • everyone needs to think & have an idea
  • it boosts achievement
  • everyone feels included & feels safe


Parents and Carers who attended said:

“I love the opportunity to come into school – I really enjoy it!”

“I am impressed with all the different ideas that the teachers have to take on board.”

“It was great to see the children enjoying the activities and interacting!”

“I can see how it is good for understanding and knowledge but how do you check the children can recall facts?” (we explained that many of the structures can be used for recall – e.g. the oceans and continents, the 9x table – the children are reviewing their learning, recalling what they have learnt so far before we add new knowledge.)

“It was good to see Foundation Stage children turning to their partners and talking.”

“More of this should be happening in secondary schools! I think it is a really good idea”

“I’m impressed with all the methods – you can see the results in class … very impressive.”

“It was great to see children helping each other.”

“It’s good to see how they’re being taught so we don’t do it for them at home!”