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Achievement for All


Achievement For All is a charitable organisation who are committed to transforming the lives of children through education and they work with a variety of school across the county, via a dedicated coach, across the age groups and across all demographics with the sole purpose of narrowing the achievement gaps that exist in education in our country and do exist in our small, rural school.

Achievement For All as a way of promoting the progress and achievement of our children and also supports parental engagement.

We are very excited to part of this project and are able to fund this involvement via the Pupil Premium funding that schools receive although the programme works with all children regardless of whether they are eligible for the Pupil Premium or not.

Part of the programme involves ‘structured conversations’ which are meetings between parents, teachers and children where progress may be an issue or where a child appears to be ‘stuck’ at a point in their education.  These meetings are by way of invitation and will replace our parent consultations each term.

We welcome all of our families to find out more about this programme and would like to signpost you to the following website for more information