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Stilton Church of England
Primary School


CELEBRATING SUCCESS AT STILTON                                    

  Live Together       Learn Together       Grow Together                       

This year we have adapted the way that we celebrate pupil's success through our ethos and statement of aims. Throughout the week we will be looking for exemplary learning behaviour in terms of Living Together, Learning Together and Growing Together.

Each class has their very own red carpet where pupils names will be moved up a step in recognition of their positive contribution to school. This will be awarded in terms of citizenship, learning and personal growth, culminmating in a celebration assembly held on a Friday. In addition, pupils who have scaled the red carpet will be invited to 'Fun Friday' as a reward for their positive attitude, behaviour and learning.

By scaling the steps pupils can achieve learning leaves in each of the three areas. Learning leaves are displayed on the class tree as a visual reminder of success and encourage the class to work together to fill the tree.

Stars will continue to be presented to one pupil from each class across the three areas and pupils will place their star on the display in the school entrance hall. 

Our Vision

Live Together, Learn Together, Grow Together
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