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Stilton Church of England
Primary Academy

Year 3

Badger class latest news...

Have a look at the updated How To Help At Home page,

it is all new with fresh ideas and information

Sports relief fundraising day 29.3.18

We had a wonderful time this morning spending our money at the stalls in the hall and activities outside which were organised by Year Six and raised lots of money for charity. We enjoyed every minute and are very grateful to Year Six for making it so much fun for us all. They worked very hard and are briliant. Jasanvir is especially excited because he won a dvd. Have a look at the photos...

The Easter movies 27.3.18

Have a look at photos of us filming the Easter story this morning. It took quite a few takes and we will edit the movies tomorrow, hopefully adding voice overs, sound effects and music. By making our own versions of the story we really know it well now!


Peterborough Museum class trip 22.3.18

Today we have been to Peterbrough Museum to find out more about life in Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age times. We had an amazing time and learnt mant new things. We were also able to show how much we already knew. I think the museum staff were quite impreseed with us. View the photos in out gallery by clicking on the picture...

Parent lunch

On Wednesday 7th we were very excited about lunch. We were excited for the whole morning and when the time eventually came to meet our family we had an amazing time together. Thank you to everyone who could make it to the kitch staff who provided all the yummy extra food. 

Click on the photo to see the photo gallery...

Other news...

world Book Day

Image result for world book day

It has been World Book Day and we have had fun dressing up as our favourite book characters. Have a look in the gallery or click on the banner above and work out who we are!

Crossy Road

Click on this picture to play Crossy Road, the Year three version, designed and programmed in this week's computing lesson in half an hour by Alfie. It has  inspired us all to make our versions too. Check back here again soon for more versions of this game by the other children.

To start the game again just hit the refresh button in the web browser.

Enjoy, but watch out, because it's not easy!

Dare to Dream

We have just enjoyed a wonderful Dare to Dream day with the children meeting a mountaineer, an author and an engineer and they also attempted to climb the huge climbing wall which visited us for the day. just click on the photo below to see more...

Exciting eruptions

At the start of term we spent two days finding out about the possibility of a volcano appearing in Stilton and create different a model to show what it would be like if one went off. It was great to be working in mixed class groups with all ages helping each other out and we finished with some very realistic series of eruptions. Take a look at these photos to get a feel for these exciting two days...

Teachers: Miss Donegan

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kirkman and Mrs Walker

Please see the attachment below for the Year 3 curriculum plan and this half term's Home Learning activities.